Server fan

Every countries in the world have therequirements to build the Telecom Infrastructure in their city, however 5G orIoT, and the server is the standard equipment. It works 24 hours, so the serverfan control is the most important things.

MM32SPIN160C integrate 5V LDO and gatedriver logic to optimize the BOM cost on design and it can execute thealgorithm code of fan control. The solution can let server fan works duringoverheating on server and it can work 24 hours with the best performance.

In addition, MM32F0010A1NV can be used whenthe server fan is the single phase control.

MM32 MCU Model:

MM32SPIN160C Series

MCU Specification:

- Arm Cortex-M0 72MHz
- 32KB Flash, 4KB SRAM
- 5V LDO supported
- Gate Driver Logic supported


- 5V LDO & Gate Driver Logic supported to optimize the BOM Cost

MM32 MCU Model:


MCU Specification:

- Arm Cortex-M0 48MHz
- 16KB Flash, 2KB SRAM


- Cost effective

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