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Product Description

This device is a 32-bit microcontroller based on the high-performance Arm® Cortex®-M0 core, operating at a frequency of up to 72MHz, with built-in high-speed memory, an extensive range of enhanced I/O ports and peripherals.

- 32KB Flash, 4KB SRAM

- Include 12-bit ADC, with sampling speed up to 1Msps

- Five general-purpose timers and one PWM advanced timer for motor control

- One I2C interface, two SPI interfaces and two UART interfaces

- Embed one comparator for motor applications

- The working voltage of the pre-driver reaches up to 30V

- Working temperature range (ambient temperature): -40 to +85

- Provide QFN32 package type


It is suitable for a wide range of applications:

- Single-phase fan

- Single-phase pump

- Server cooling fan

- Vacuum cleaner

Product Features

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Data Sheet

  • MM32SPIN120B(qa) Datasheet (Chinese)
    Chinese 1.04 PDF 1.46MB 2020.04.19

    Description: Supports MM32SPIN120B q version, provide detailed specifications, pin definition, electrical characteristics and packaging information.

Application Note

Lib Samples

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Recommended Tools

  • MM32-LINK Emulator

    MM32-LINK is an integrated development tool for emulator and programmer

    Support Win 10, Win 7 and Windows XP operating systems, no driver installation is required under Win10 environment

    Support the whole series of MCU code programming of MM32 Cortex-M to automatically match the targeted chip

    Support online ICP SWD programming

    Support online ICP automatic programming machine interface

    Support offline ICP and APM automatic programming machine interface

    In online/offline ICP/APM programming mode, the programming time for 128KB is less than 3 seconds, and for 16KB is less than 0.5 seconds

    Micro USB high-speed communication interface provides power supply

    Programming adapter optionsICP-Adapter, ISP-Adapter and APM-Adapter

  • MM32-LINK Programmer

    Online ICP programming and APM automatic programming machine programming

    Offline ICP manual/automatic programming and offline APM automatic programming machine programming

    Provide traceability service of the programming information

    Adopt AES256 encryption method and support remotely authorized programming operations

    With high-speed programming algorithm, the online programming time for 128KB Flash is only 2.2~3.0 seconds

    Programming adapter optionsICP-Adapter, ISP-Adapter and APM-Adapter

  • MM32-DAP

    Support CMSIS-DAP protocol for programming, downloading and debugging of MM32 MCU

    Fast speed, stable firmware as well as open-source software and hardware

    Support single-step debugging

    Support the drag and drop function of virtual com port and U disk as well as the upgrade of U disk firmware

    Driver-free installation, plug and play

    Applicable to all versions of Windows and Linux operating systems

  • MM32-LCD cloud programmer

    3.2 inch TFT color screen offline programmer

    Support one-to-multiple burning

    Support the update of remote code data

    Support up to 200 mirrors and the setting of burning number

    1G space is reserved as U disk for users to use

    Automatic programming unction supports automatic IC detection and automatic startup and stop

    Support the encryption of chip’s UID and the import and export of algorithm

Recommended Software

  • IAR pack

    When using IAR integrated development environment to develop MM32 microcontroller, you need to install this support package, so that you can select MM32 chip model, debug and download in IAR.
  • KEIL pack

    When using KEIL integrated development environment to develop MM32 microcontroller, you need to install this support package, so that you can select MM32 chip model, debug and download in KEIL.
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Target Application

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